The Reed School Committee worked very hard to get the school registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The school was placed on the list on November 21, 2001.The school project is moving along great. While it does not look as though anything is happening at the school, there is a lot being done in the background to prepare for seeking out grant funds. We have over $7,000.00 raised toward the project so far.

The Reed School Committee elected Ralph Bickford as the Chairman in the recent election of officers. Our new Chairman has lots of fresh ideas and with Ralph's lively sense of humor, the committee's work will proceed with much laughter.


Georgene Salpietro (previous Chairman) stepped down to Co-Chair to assist Ralph while he learns the ropes. Between Ralph and Georgene, our "work" will be more fun than work.

Larry Hamilton was re-elected to the position of Treasurer. We are getting closer and closer to writing for a grant. Larry is a certified Grant Administrator. He is now well known in Augusta and the results of the last grant he wrote will soon be showing up around Town.

Debby Cone remains as Secretary. She has just finished putting the Reed School Alumni and all the donations that have been made in the last three years on computer. Next, she will be putting all the minutes for the past meetings on her computer.

Sadly, we lost John Pullen in February 2003, his historical knowledge was vast and he was glad to share stories of his time at the Reed School with us.He wrote a book about Joshua Chamberlain and his Civil War experiences.

We are always looking for the names of Reed School Alumni and Alumni from any of the five one-room schoolhouses that once dotted Amity.Please contact Debby.