Sylvanus Doughty has visited the Reed School and is working on the Facilities Survey for us. Syl was impressed by what good condition the school is in. The Reed School Committee is working closely with Syl to get what we need to start applying for grants.

Syl will make sure that we are in compliance with all rules and regulations for a public building while keeping the historical features of the school. We will plan on holding a Public Hearing sometime this fall to keep the public updated and to get your input.

We will need to hold a Public Hearing for both the School and the Comprehensive Plan. We intend to do these at the same time to make it more convenient for the public and to save money by holding one hearing for both items.

This survey was compleated. Unfortunantly, even with a tremendous effort by Bette Bickford we were still unable to receive a grant to restore the Reed School.